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The world’s top automakers right now include BMW and Tesla. Here we will see the comparison between the Tesla model y vs BMW X5. Tesla is the top electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. On the other hand, BMW excels at producing some of the best gas-powered vehicles. 

The Tesla Model Y and BMW X5 are both excellent vehicles, but which is better? So, in this article, we will see the different features of both of them.

Difference between the Tesla model y and BMW X5 

However, both vehicles are very efficient and technologically advanced. The BMW X5 has an edge when it comes to used cars that are one to five years old. And fall into the traditional lower price bracket.

When it comes to base engine power, the Tesla Model Y has an advantage. Here I will tell you the main features of both vehicles.

  • Performance of BMW X5 vs tesla model y

Performance-wise, the Tesla Model Y outperforms the BMW X5 by a little margin. The Performance of the Tesla Model Y variant can reach 60 mph in as little as 3.6 seconds. As compared to the BMW X5 M50i’s 3.8 seconds.

  • Comparison between engine output and fuel economy

The Tesla Model Y’s base engine produces 346 hp, compared to the BMW X5’s base engine’s 335 hp. The X5 has a fuel efficiency of 569 miles and is expected to have an average fuel economy of 23 mpg. The Model Y has a highway range of 330 miles and can travel at a rate of 127 mpg.  

  • Price difference

The BMW X5 costs roughly $6,300 while the base Tesla Model Y Extended Range model costs about $60,440. BMW X5 is hence significantly more expensive, despite the little difference.

The additional money is well spent because the BMW X5 has a more opulent cabin.

  • Reliability 

BMW X5 is less reliable than the Tesla Model Y. Tesla has faced problems with construction quality, but their vehicles have always been dependable. The Tesla Model Y is the best option.

  •  Storage capacity in Tesla model y vs BMW X5 

Both vehicles have a large cabin and sizable storage. The Tesla Model Y offers a total cargo size of 68 cubic feet. As compared to the BMW X5’s slightly larger 72.3 cubic feet. 

When it comes to interior capacity, the Tesla Model Y boasts greater back and front legroom than the BMW X5.

  • Interior designs

The infotainment system in the Tesla Model Y is among the best in its class. It has a dashboard with a straightforward infotainment display in the middle of it. The atmosphere inside the Tesla car is otherworldly. Due to the wide panoramic sunroof, it spans the whole of the top.

The BMW X5 also boasts a great, user-friendly infotainment system. Additionally, it has seats that are comfortable and manufactured of Vernasca leather. Additionally, it sports a leather dashboard with stunning finishes that epitomize beauty and sophistication.

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  • Exterior Difference

Tesla may be the automobile for the future, but its appearance is not especially inspiring compared to the BMW X5. This is due to the BMW X5’s amazing features, which will wow onlookers. 

The Tesla Model Y, on the other hand, has a plain appearance. That makes it look less appealing than the BMW X5.

  • Compared Off-Road Capabilities

In comparison to the Tesla Model Y, the BMW X5 has a benefit in that. It offers a greater cargo capacity and ground clearance.

Final Verdict

In summary, although these two vehicles differ greatly from one another, they are both mid-size lavish SUVs. But in comparison between the Tesla model y vs BMW X5, the BMW X5 is a standout choice for anybody. Who is searching for an opulent, cosy, and fashionable SUV. 

While those who want a high-performance, roomy, and cutting-edge SUV should go for the Tesla Model Y. So, choose accordingly your choice.

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