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When looking for a luxury car, you anticipate paying more money. So here I will give you a comparison between the BMW ix Vs tesla model x. Even with its high-end amenities and cutting-edge technology, the BMW iX is indeed the significantly more economical choice when comparing it to the Tesla. 

So, if you want to know the difference between BMW and tesla model x you are at the right place.

Tesla model x Vs Bmw ix

The brand-new BMW iX is the automaker’s first Sports Activity Vehicle that runs entirely on electricity. It seems to sense, therefore, that  it’s a much-anticipated addition to the BMW lineup that will undoubtedly prompt comparison to Tesla Model X. 

Whereas the Tesla Model X has indeed made a name for itself in the purely electric luxury SUV sector. We think the BMW iX is a better option for serious drivers. They need the newest and most advanced high technology as well as the ultimate in luxury.

Which makes the Tesla model x different from the BMW ix?

Since its debut in 2016, the Model X of Tesla has held the crown of the big EV crossover market. It gets understated aesthetic modifications for 2021, a new interior, and more acceleration improvements.

But now it has competition from the brand-new BMW iX in addition to its performance counterpart. So let’s examine how they compare and see which one comes out on top.

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  • Interior of 2022 tesla model x Vs 2022 Bmw ix

The luxurious interiors that both manufacturers have to offer must be taken into consideration in either BMW vs Tesla comparison. You may choose between the BMW iX and the Tesla Model X, both of which provide first-rate comforts inside.

The inside of the BMW iX has several ShyTech features, such as:

  • Hidden speakers are covered with acoustic fabric.
  • Radiant warmth in the door panels and dash.
  • Visually shrunk controllers and buttons.
  • Open-pore wood surfaces with touch sensibility.

The BMW iX and Tesla Model X both provide standard seating for up to five people. However, the iX has 42 inches of height and 61.5 inches of shoulder room in the front. 

In contrast, front-seat occupants of the Model X had 60.7 inches of shoulder space and 41.7 inches of headroom.

  • BMW ix Vs tesla model x range and battery

Both these electric cars have all-wheel drive as standard. But Tesla has more power overall. It is accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds as opposed to the iX’s 4.4 seconds.

    • In comparison to the Tesla Model X, the BMW iX has a battery that is 111.5 kWh more in capacity.
    • Tesla offers a 348-mile electric range. And the BMW offers a 324-mile electric range, both vehicles have comparable electric ranges.
  • Maintenance difference

A fundamental 4-year/50,000-mile warranty is included with both the iX and Model X. The maintenance warranty for the BMW iX is also included and is valid for 3 years or 36,000 miles. 

No maintenance warranty is provided for the Tesla Model X. There is just one Tesla service facility in Connecticut, which should be noted. However, if you own a BMW iX, it won’t be difficult to get qualified EV servicing at nearby BMW shops.

  • Pricing of Bmw ix Vs tesla model x 

It’s critical to consider pricing, fuel efficiency, luggage, and space available. And standard equipment when contrasting SUVs, like the BMW iX with the Tesla Model X. 

Starting with pricing, the Tesla Model X begins at $122,190, whilst the BMW iX has a lower starting MSRP of $85,095.

Handling qualities

The BMW iX has a few tricks up its sleeve that let it handle the road smoother than the Tesla Model X. One feature is its adjustable suspension, which smooths out jolts and improves road traction. 

The second method involves rear-wheel steering. That is an option and might be useful in the parking lot and low-speed driving circumstances. The Model X may handle well, but the iX does.

  • Android Auto and Apple Car play connection

The BMW iX has both Apple Carplay and Android Auto. It will please most users who enjoy using their smartphones while driving. However, the Tesla Model X does not. It’s all done.

Overview of BMW ix Vs tesla model x 

It might be a bit challenging to decide between two all-electric SUVs. They both have around the same price and both have the same kind of electric range. 

However, if you analyze these factors, you might be able to determine why the BMW iX would be the best option for you.

Here is the short difference between the 2022 BMW ix vs 2022 tesla model  

2022 BMW IX 2022 tesla model x
Base MSRP is $83,200 Base MSRP is $99,690
Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive type Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive type
516 Horsepower 670 Horsepower
Its Range is 324 miles Its Range is 348 miles
Gauge Display is Curved Digital Gauge Display is Digital
Optional Electrochromic Shading Panoramic Sunroof is available Sunroof is not Available
18 speaker Harman/Kardon for Audio 22 speakers for Audio
Standard Android Auto Apple CarPlay Not Available
Front Head Room is 42 inches Front Head Room is  41.7 inches
Front Shoulder Room 61.5 inches Front Shoulder Room is 60.7 inches
Second Row Head Room 39.5 inches Second Row Head Room is 41 inches
Second Row Shoulder Room is 58.3 inches Second Row Shoulder Room is 56.9 inches


Final Verdict 

In summary, with two motors and all-wheel drive, both cars have a comparable powertrain. Both cars’ interior measurements are quite similar to one another.   

I have explained the difference between BMW ix Vs tesla model x. If accommodation is more than five persons or reaching 60 mph in less than three seconds aren’t priorities for you. The new BMW iX offers a premium EV vehicle performance with fewer quirks. 

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