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Are you very passionate about your studies, and your goal is to get a scholarship at a top-tier university? Thus, you need an email. If so, then you are in the right place. Whether for national or international scholarship, a well-written email is a powerful tool that showcases your interest in scholarship, abilities, and skills in a way that impresses the application review committee.

So, several essential aspects of composing a remarkable email that effectively emphasizes all your strengths. For your ease, I’ve comprehensively summarized these factors here.

What to write an email for Scholarship?

It’s crucial to know the basic structure of writing an email. So that candidates are aware of the scholarship. A scholarship Email is a letter a student must report to the organization for academic support (funding). In this email, students must mention all the valuable information regarding why they are applying. Same like candidates write motivational letter to the professors, lectures and deans of the department. In which they describe why they are the most suitable candidates for this scholarship. 

In this email, you have to showcase your capabilities and explain how much interest you have in this scholarship and why. You’ve also provided information about your academic record, which helps the scholarship reviewers form a positive impression of you. However, to write about your skills best, you must read this entire blog, as the whole process is explained below.

  • Read the Requirements 

In the very first step, you should have to review your scholarship, which means understanding it thoroughly to gather information about the requirements set by the scholarship providers.  Keep in your mind these basic parameters before sending the email.

For example, if the scholarship is based on GPA, you need to ensure that your GPA is excellent, and you can mention this in your email manner entirely.

  • Mention your full Contact Details 

First, you should start your email by including your contact information at the top, followed by your full details. Initially, you can place your contact information, including your full name, phone number, and academic email address.

If you think the organization will be attracted by additional academic information, such as the university you graduated from, you can include that in the header. However, you will mention this information at the very end. 

  • Introduce Yourself And Write Reasons for Applying 

You must write about yourself in detail after writing the contact information, and it should be written in a way that could be introduced through a review committee’s comments. In this introduction, you will first provide information about your academic background (where you have studied, your GPA, etc.). 

After that, you will demonstrate your interest in the scholarship so that the committee sees you as an ideal candidate. You will also outline your career goals and explain what receiving the funding means to you.

  • Discuss Your Achievements 

Once you’ve written your complete introduction, add major accomplishments and some of your successful academic achievements. Whenever a candidate includes his achievements, it provides the reader with a better understanding of his abilities and leaves a strong impression. 

The committee assesses if you are a good fit for the scholarship, prompting them to consider you a strong candidate. Thus, reference applicable achievements to showcase your suitability for the scholarship.

  • Write your unique skills and qualities

After mentioning your achievements, you can also write your unique skills and capabilities. Some individuals have impressive academic records and exceptional skills in various areas, such as debates, sports, or other talents. 

The opportunity to showcase all these capabilities is currently available in an email. So, deliver them in the best possible form, improving your probability of securing the scholarship.

  • Describe your interest in your education 

You must write a few lines to show your interest in education. Mention anyone who inspires you to pursue a well-mannered degree here. You must write clearly about the program you want to study and apply for a scholarship. 

In this way, the organization will be aware that they will be providing a deserving candidate by offering financial support. You should also describe your previous learning experience, highlighting how you have excelled in your education.

  • Conclude and thank the reader

At the end of your email, express your gratitude by thanking the reading committee like, thank you for taking the time to review my email. I’ll be deeply appreciative if you consider granting me the chance to (university name), looking at my capabilities.

You can also include a statement requesting them to reach out if they’ve any questions or want to know any other information. Additionally, please mention that you are eagerly awaiting their call. Finally, provide your contact information once again.

Best Regards
Your Name
contact information

Sample Email Format For Master and PHD

Use these words (Dear Sir/Greetings, Hi )

Hope you are doing well.

I am (candidate name), from (your country name) who wants to pursue ( Masters or PHD) Studies in (name of the department) (by research) at (name of the university). 

My (under-graduate or masters) area of  (engineering, medical etc.) is (name of the department such as Chemical Engineering), from ( name of the univesity such as Oxford university) with good grades. I completed my (undergraduate or Masters) studies in ( name of the month and year such as, March, 2023. I am interested in joining your research group as your (post graduate or doctoral) student.

In this regard I would like to request you for an “Acceptance/Invitation letter” as my (Masters  or PHD) supervisor so that I can complete (university name such as UTP) admission requirements under ( name of the scholarship you now about it such as president scholarship, university scholarship, fulbright scholarship, Graduate Assistantship scheme etc.) for the up-coming session.


Thanks you
Best Regards
Candidate Name

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