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Are your clavicle bones greater than your waist? That’s why your shoulders are broad. Do you have an inverted triangle biotype with a very athletic body and shoulders? You may be familiar with Athletic and other celebrities with broad shoulders and big arms. These include Renee Zellweger, Serena Williams, Lindsey Vonn, and others. 

No worries about this type of physics, but the important thing is how you dress that suits you. We’re here to give you some tips, facts, and futures about the selection of dresses for broad shoulders and big arms

However, every human wants an excellent appearance to get others’ attention. Hence we always try to figure out how we can maintain our weight for a perfect figure. When it comes to fashion, women are very sensitive and are not ready to compromise. Whether we talk about their clothing selection or makeup-related items. Women are very conscious overall. 

If you are wondering what kind of clothes you should wear? First, be aware if your arms and shoulders are broad and willing for shopping. I’m going to give you very important tips, facts, and figures about dresses. 

What Are Broad Shoulders and Their Reasons?

Normally, the shoulders are rounded, but some women seem to square. These are v-shaped upright postures with wide shoulders. What do we consider a wider shoulder? If a woman’s shoulders are 5 percent higher than her hips are considered Broad Shoulders

Reasons Why Your Shoulders Are Wider

There are two scenarios of wider shoulders Whether by birth or due to performing some activities. Reasons are discussed as:

  • Due to long clavicle bone
  • Results from genetics
  • Exercise with dumbles in front of your hips
  • Bent over reverse – Fly cable
  • Bent arm lateral raises
  • The reverse – Dumbles fly

How To Measure your Body: Shoulders Width | Hips

Wider shoulders measurement

If you want to measure your shoulder size, ask a friend to measure you with a measuring tape. When you measure the shoulder length make sure to measure the distance between your shoulders at the wider point on the back. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.  

Moreover, there are certain points on the body that you need to find. Find out the place where the shoulder line and upper part of the arm meets. After that, keep your finger on the shoulders and rub them properly. 

How to take your hip measurement?

When we measure the hip, it doesn’t mean to measure it till the hip bone. Actually the fullest and largest entire part of the body below your waist. Ask someone near you to check then place the measuring tape and confirm the measurement for you. 

However, depending on your shape, take a measuring tape to hold one end against your body. Now find out the widest part on your hip and after wrapping it. Once the two ends meet make sure the tap is straight. After that, write down the total measurement. 

If nobody is near you simply wrap the tape around your hip and measure by yourself. But in this sense make sure you have taken accurate measurements. Otherwise, you will be unable to find the actual results when combining the shoulders and hips. There are many ways to measure women’s dresses with broad shoulders and big arms

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What Are Big Arms And How To Reduce Them

In general women have more body fat compared to men. Some people store more weight on specific body parts including the face, arms, belly, legs, and others. Genetics is also one of the reasons. 

How to reduce big arms?

There are different ways to reduce the wetness of arms. 

  • Make a routine for the GYM
  • Lift weight with arms 
  • Eat apples, Avocados, beans, and other fruits
  • Eat items with more protein i.e. eggs, fruit shake in breakfast, and more
  • Do not sleep very short or for a long time i.e. schedule sleeping timing
  • Early morning walk
  • Exercise in the morning
  • Do not eat oily items

What is Body Shap HourGlass

Normally, there are two types of shapes i.e. pear shape and hourglass share. When your shoulders and hips are about the same width is called an hourglass shape. In this situation, your waist is smaller when compared to your hips. The shape is round with 4 busts and 4 hips. 

However, if you have such type of body figure it doesn’t mean your size is 40 plus but you can be a plus size. 

10 Best Dresses For Broad Shoulders And Big Arms 

  1. Wear Full Sleeves Dress

Full sleeve dresses can help you to look stunning available in multiple colors and designs. Wearing these dresses helps you for a beautiful look and hourglass figure. However, your wide shoulders and arms require such a type of dressing for your glory look. 

If you have long arms or shoulders, no one will be able to recognize reality. How is this possible? Simply wear gowns with long sleeves. Often women prefer to wear clothes that are cheap and comfortable and elegant. These are warm, comfortable, and available in different styles. 

      2. Women’s Blake Long Blazer

Women’s Blake Long Blazer ranges from extra small size to 5x. It is available in different colors and designs at affordable prices. Over the years it can be seen that blazers have become the ideal dresses for broad shoulders and big arms. When we wear it routinely becomes our identity 

Moreover, if you wear it no one can recognize your broad shoulders. Also, there’s a huge collection of blazers that falls into each category. Some of the popular blazers include:

  • Standard Black Blazer
  • Women’s Tie Waist Blazer
  • Blazer jackets
  • Cheque and Printed Blazers
    3. Women’s Long Sleeve Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtleneck sweaters are made of polyester blend and cotton. You can wear your own layer or under your jacket. These are easy to wear, lightweight, soft and comfortable. Women wear it in summer, fall and winter. Stitched with perfect elasticity to protect the neck from rubbing. 

These are available in different colors, sizes, and designs. If you wear it no one will be able to judge you for your long arms. You dress it up or down wherever you feel comfortable. Wear it for fancy dinners, or birthday parties because of their beautifully designed braided texture. Sleeves are ribs with a nice texture as well. 

Furthermore, you can raise your hands from left to right, up or down. It’s very versatile. 

Usually designed with:

  • 55% Cotton
  • 25% Modal
  • 20% polyester

     4. Full Zip Long Sleeve Jacket

These are easy to wear fully covered zip at the front that covers your shoulder and sleeves. Very fabulous due to its high-quality fabric. Women love to buy these jackets just because of their multiple colors, and designs. 

You can rely on long sleeve jackets with side pockets and attractive designs including Funky Prints, lining, and more. 

     5. Women’s peplum waist dress with sleeves

These are not limited to skirts, or jackets, that are designed with extra ruffles to hide your shoulders. These blooms at the hip and seem smaller at the waist. Ideal for the hourglass body type and completely covers wider shoulders. 

  • Are these available in different colors or styles?

The answer is yes. Women can choose from a variety of patterns, colors, and designs. For wider shoulders, short and long sleeves are recommended. While on the other hand also available in sleeveless styles. 

      6. Women’s Lightweight Comfy cardigans

These cardigans’ open-front lightweight sweaters are long-lasting and available from extra small sizes to extra large sizes. Hide your wider shoulders with long sleeves suitable for both summer and winter. 

Moreover, these are very comfortable with multiple designs that inspire your presence to others. Not unlike tee shirts, these sweater knits are fabricated with high-quality fabric.  

      7. Women Dress with V-neck 

V-neck shape designed dresses make women look taller with a beautiful appearance. If your thick torsos and your neck is short or longer 

This is very beneficial for you if your body is thick with torsos or your neck is short, the v-neckline is perfect for you. 

      8. Wear Dress With Drak Colors At The Top

Women are caring and conscious about their body figures. Unfortunately, if they do not care for themselves with the passage of time their weight increases. When their weight increases it means their arm fat also increases. 

To divert the focus of people, wear dark colors at the top of your dress and light color at the bottom part. Why should you do this? Let’s understand with an example: Suppose you are wearing a light shining colored dress people will draw their attention to the top. But when you wear a dress dark color at the top and light color at the lower part of your body. People will definitely focus on lower body parts due to their shining color. Obviously, it will attract them more. 

     9. Wide Strap Tops

It has very wide straps and tops stitched all the way around. On the back, it has an elastic casing that brings it into the back. When going down the dress you will see an interesting type of pocket interference in seam pockets.  

      10. Textured Dress At The Bottom 

  • Do not wear clothing with shiny decorations i.e. sequins
  • Do not wear folder fabric well-known tucks 
  • Avoid wearing ruffle dresses

What Not To Wear To Hide Your Broad Shoulders and Big Arms

If you don’t want to show your broad shoulders you must n’t wear dresses such as strapless side drape gowns, strapless fishless gowns, strapless dresses to the knee, and others. 

  1. Avoid strapless drape gowns

If you wear staples, drape gowns and tops they will make you more prominent. This is because your neck and shoulder are more visible to everyone. There is only one solution avoid 

No doubt gowns are light-wet, comfortable, and wrinkle-free. However, available in different colors i.e. black, skin, blue, and sizes from extra small to extra large. But these shining attractive gowns will focus on your top and you can hide your broad shoulders. 

          2. Avoid wearing a high neckline 

You shouldn’t wear a high neckline if you have a full chest and your body figure is an hourglass. This is because when you have a high chest people pay attention to your chest and notice it. You can wear it on a skinny apple figure. 

Tips To Minimize Broad Shoulders and big arms appearance 

  • Avoid wearing strapless drape gowns, strapless fishless gowns, and strapless dresses to the knee. 
  • Do not wear tops because these will increase more attention towards you 
  • Do not wear spaghetti straps because it will divert others’ attention to you
  • Always wear dark colors on the top and light colors at bottom of your body part. People will not focus on your broad shoulders

Final Thoughts 

As we have discussed above, amazing ideas for dresses are about your broad shoulders and wider arms. The clothing that flatters your broad shoulders and large arms for the Hourglass body type. We have also cleared the doubts about broad shoulders and wider arms. Hopefully, you get ideas about what you should wear if your body type is not a pear. 

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