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There’s a considerable possibility you’ll choose an electric sport utility vehicle if you’re looking for a battery-electric vehicle. Here we will discuss a comparison between the BMW ix vs tesla model y to make your choice easy.

We’ll compare the performance, interior space, and features of the BMW Model Y and Tesla. To help you determine which electric crossover will best suit your demands as a driver and your way of life. So, let’s start.

Tesla model y Vs BMW ix

The innovative new BMW iX is the company’s first-ever completely electric crossover SUV. It offers powerful performance in addition to a luxurious cabin packed with cutting-edge technology features that will improve every ride.

In the US, the most popular electric SUV is the Tesla Model Y. Even the Model Y is no longer the most cutting-edge design. Tesla deserves credit for accelerating several of these EV innovations.

The Main difference between the BMW ix and Tesla model y

Numerous automakers, including BMW, Tesla model x, bmw model ix and more. BMW has joined the Electrify America network, which is currently relatively small but is growing. The 2023 BMW iX has the advantage of a more luxurious interior that is in line with its higher price.

For all but the longest excursions, the cruising range of these two electric crossover SUVs should suffice. But the Tesla Model Y will be much less expensive in 2022.

Now check the difference between these two in terms of different features and look.

  • 2022 BMW ix vs tesla model y in terms of performance

Both the BMW ix & Tesla Model Y are entirely electric, high-performance crossovers built to deliver rapid acceleration and sure-footed handling. However, you’ll discover that the BMW iX is a more potent option when you look at the performance specifications below.

BMW iX Tesla Model Y
Highest Horsepower: 516 horsepower A maximum of 384 horsepower


Standard all-wheel drive Common all-wheel drive

  • BMW ix vs tesla model y: exterior design

In contrast to the Model Y, it isn’t particularly attractive, but is less likely to offend. The external design is far more divisive and defies style convention. In spite of how it appears, the BMW is likely to have a better fit and finish. It has been a frequent critique of Tesla. Same like audi q3 and bmw x3.

  • Battery performance

The Model Y can keep up with the BMW iX due to its smaller size. The BMW’s massive battery packs 111.5 kWh and strong motors M60 grade enable the iX to speed to 60 mph.

With optional all-wheel steering and years’ experience in sports car tuning. The BMW appears ready to keep the edge when the route becomes winding.

  • Features and interior of BMW ix and Tesla model y

The Tesla Model Y is 187 inches length overall with a 113.8-inch wheelbase. As compared to the BMW iX’s 195 inches and 118.1 inches, respectively. Due to its larger cabin and ample load capacity, the BMW can provide a roomier and more comfortable interior. 

BMW iX Tesla Model Y
Seats: two rows Seats: two rows
Up to 5 passengers may go at a time Up to 5 passengers can board
Maximum cargo volume is 72 cubic feet


Maximum cargo volume is 68 cubic feet.

  • Durability

You can count on BMW shops to provide all your BMW EV servicing needs, from tyre rotations to more procedures. You won’t have any trouble locating a qualified EV service at a shop. Like the BMW of Murrieta that keeps you back onto the road quickly. 

The same cannot be stated, however, given the long wait times at Tesla service locations. The BMW might be useful when your battery is low because of the increase in public charging stations. If you need a quick charge in between errands. The BMW iX navigation system can simply point you in the direction of the closest charging station.

  • Pricing detail of BMW ix vs tesla model y

It’s critical to consider pricing, fuel efficiency, luggage and seats, and standard equipment when contrasting SUVs. The BMW iX is more costly with an MSRP of $85,095. And the Tesla Model Y has a lower starting price of $67,190.

2023 BMW ix Vs tesla model y

All 2023 BMW iX SUVs are equipped with cutting-edge iDrive 8 infotainment systems. It is brilliantly shown on a curved 14.9-inch touchscreen. 

By connecting with your BMW ID on iDrive 8, you can take advantage of factory guidance. Also for others such as Tesla, Toyota and others. Also OTA updates, natural-language speech recognition, and rapid access to your preferences. The navigation system learns your routines and recommends departure times for locations.  

A 15-inch touchscreen is included on every Tesla Model Y. As quickly as possible, you should become comfortable using it. This interface replaces a conventional instrument panel and incorporates all temperature settings. As well as numerous secondary controls. It not only provides entertainment features but also replaces traditional instrument panel functions.

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, in contrast, BMW ix vs tesla model y, Tesla is a better option for the majority of people. Due to its improved efficiency, better pricing, and established fast-charging network. However, the BMW iX’s stunning appearance can make it worthwhile for certain people to pay the higher starting price. 

Comparing the Model Y to the iX, it has a standard rate that is roughly $20,000 higher. The Tesla may not have as much interior space as the BMW. 

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