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There’s nothing quite like the excitement of scrolling through Instagram’s colorful world but sometimes, things might not work as smoothly as we’d like. Do you also been bother with the irritating “Instagram sorry this page isn’t available” error message? Or encountered an Instagram chat disappearing while you’re certain you’re not blocked? We’ll talk all about it here.

The Dreaded “Instagram: Sorry, This Page Isn’t Available”

One of the main scenarios when you see this error message is when the URL you’re trying to access no longer exists. This could be due to the account being deleted or temporarily blocked by Instagram due to a violation of its guidelines. Sometimes, it can just be a minor glitch that can be resolved by refreshing your feed or even reinstalling the app.

Instagram Chat Gets Disappeared but You Are Not Blocked

Have you ever opened your chats to find a particular conversation missing, yet you know for certain you’re not blocked by the other user? This can happen due to Instagram’s technology updates or glitches. Instagram is a complex platform that often rolls camera out updates for a better user experience. However, sometimes, these updates might cause some inconveniences like disappearing chats.

If you’re facing the issue of an ‘Instagram chat disappearing but you are not blocked‘, don’t panic. There are a few potential solutions. Try restarting your device or the Instagram app, logging out then logging back into your account, or updating the app to the latest version.

Instagram Automatically Scrolling Issues 

Instagram automatically scrolling through photos or stories can sometimes interrupt your browsing experience. Although it’s designed intuitively to move you through content, it can be annoying if it happens too quickly or unexpectantly. This can be due to a lag in your internet connection or just a small software glitch.

Counter this by closing the app entirely and restarting it or even rebooting your device. It’s always wise to ensure you’re using the latest version of Instagram as updates can resolve these types of Instagram automatic scrolling issues.

Isnagram Stalking Comcerns

This is always a fun question! ‘If I stalk anyone on Instagram will I be suggested?’ depends primarily on your interaction with their profile. Following, liking, and commenting on someone’s posts or visiting their profile often may influence Instagram’s algorithm to suggest you to that person. But typically, simply viewing someone’s profile frequently (without engaging) isn’t likely to cause you to be suggested to them.

What Does Ingress Timeout Stream ID Mean on Instagram?

If you see the error ‘Ingress timeout Stream ID‘ on Instagram, it indicates a broadcasting interruption due to a weak server connection when you’re live on Instagram. In essence, Instagram is unable to maintain a stable connection with your device during the live session causing this error. You should make sure you have a strong internet connection when you go live.

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Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Instagram Profile

Want to give your Instagram presence that extra punch? Try these tips and tricks!

Optimize your profile: Ensure your username is identifiable and easy to remember. Your profile photo should be eye-catching, and your bio must be concise yet informative about who you are and what you share.

Curate engaging content: Produce high-quality images, mix your feed with static posts and videos (or try out reels), showcase your authenticity, and keep your audience entertained or educated.

Leverage Hashtags: You can use relevant hashtags to make your content more discoverable. Mix popular hashtags with niche hashtags to diversify your reach.

Engage other users: Maintain an active presence on the platform, follow similar accounts, genuinely comment on others’ posts, and reply to messages promptly.

Plan a visually pleasing grid or theme: Aesthetics are key on Instagram, so make sure your feed is visually pleasing by sticking to a color palette, theme, or tonality.

How to Respond to Instagram Messages?

‘How to react to Instagram messages’ is a question posed by many newcomers to Instagram. It’s actually quite simple! When you receive a message, just double tap on the message you wish to react to. A heart will appear, indicating a ‘like’. For a more personalized response, press and hold the message to reveal a list of reactions you can use.

Safeguarding Your Instagram Privacy

Ensuring absolute privacy on Instagram helps you feel more secure and allows for a smoother browsing experience. To tighten your privacy settings, perform the following actions:

  • Set your account to ‘private’: Open settings, tap ‘Privacy,’ and select the ‘Private account’ toggle.
  • Limit or disable activity status: In the Privacy settings, go to ‘Activity Status’ and toggle off ‘Show Activity Status’ to hide whether you are online or not.
  • Manage who can interact with you: Adjust your settings to control who can send you messages, add you to groups, comment on your posts, or tag you in photos.
  • Restrict or block users: You can ‘Restrict’ users to hinder their interactions with your content or ‘Block’ users to entirely remove them from seeing your profile or engaging with you.
  • Two-factor authentication: Security is most important factor of all social apps, and many people are hacking Instagram DM. So, you can add an extra layer of security by enabling two-factor authentication in the ‘Security’ settings, which will prevent unauthorized access to your account, as many people are afraid from hacking Instagram DMs


Instagram can present an array of unique challenges, from “Instagram sorry this page isn’t available” to an “Instagram chat disappeared but not blocked”. However, armed with the right information, there’s no need to let these hurdles disrupt your seamless Insta navigation. Have fun exploring your favorite digital world!

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