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European Central Bank ECB Scholarship For Master’s Program

Host Country
European Universities

Host University
European Universities

Program Level
Master’s Degree Programs

Brief Introduction

The European Central Bank (ECB) Scholarship 2023-24 in Europe is one of the best scholarships in Europe, as it encourages women, who want to pursue a master’s degree, but due to financial crises, can not complete it. Only EU member states students are eligible for this scholarship. A total of 15 scholarships are being offered to empower women in their purpose of advanced studies.

Study Area

Candidates can apply for Economics, Statistics, Engineering, and Computing Science Programs.

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European Central Bank ECB Scholarship For Master’s Program 2023-24 In Europe Offers Financial Coverage 

It is one of the dream scholarships for many students, as this offers you many benefits, Including:

  • This scholarship provides the successful candidate scholarship worth up to €10,000 to each female candidate.
  • Scholarship source opportunity provided for visits to the ECB. 
  • Successful applicants can use the award to cover their tuition fees and study-related expenses.

Application Procedure ECB Scholarship

Students need to fill the application form and send their form in excel format as well. All the documents and resumes should be combined into a single PDF file, and the candidate can send all these documents on this email

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates experiencing financial hardship that restrict their ability to continue their academic objectives can apply for this scholarship.
  • This scholarship is only for brilliant students facing financial crises, so your academics should be remarkable.
  • Female students are eligible for this scholarship. 
  • Only EU member state citizens are eligible.
  • Only eligible those enrolled or looking to enroll in Masters studies for Statistics, Economics, Computer, or Engineering Fields. 


Please check the official website of the European Central Bank ECB Scholarships 2023-24 In Europe for more details 

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