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Are you also waiting for this new feature of Google Inbox? If you were waiting for this amazing feature, then your wait is over, as Google is ready to launch Shortwave, Google Inbox’s spiritual successor. It is now fully checked by the beta team over the last one and a half years and, you can now enjoy this event on your Android, as they are launching its Android app on Google’s Play store. 

Many individuals may not have an idea about this, for all users, I’ve written this blog to provide comprehensive details on Google Inbox. So, let’s explore whether The Google Inbox email successor is finally ready for Android.

What is Google Inbox Email?

Are you confused about what Google Inbox is? Well, this is one of the interesting email apps in this new era. Google has announced the launch of the Email app for Chrome, Android, and iOS, and you can experience the best having this new email app.

Now surely many want to know why Google didn’t have an email app earlier. But it has, and you will please after reading this, it has the best one., which is replaced in Google Inbox, because it’s discontinued. It’s a combination of differing features integrated into Gmail’s main service. Google is going to introduce this because it provides a more organized and efficient email experience to its users. As we all know Google always prioritize users’ benefit first.

The idea of this feature came after the shutting down of Google Inbox, and the Google team has made this more reliable for users, it has many features, like:

Benefits of Google Inbox Email

Message Snoozing 

To clear up any confusion and give feedback to your team or workers later. This can ease time management for those who are very passionate about their work and want to do all the tasks on time.

Email Bundle Together

Sending multiple emails bundled together is easy now, and surely it will solve a problem for many users, as you can take in raw of all your emails, and sort them in one together.

So, overall this app has been created for users to manage their emails more efficiently 

Discover Highlights about Google Inbox Email

Now let me tell you about the other benefits of this feature which you will definitely like the most, the Highlights. You may be wondering how Google adds highlights. And what is their benefit to us? 

So, the highlights show you important stuff right away at the top of each email, including images, files, and other information, such as dates and booking details. When you see your important data from above, you will definitely need to open the mail.

Google Inbox Assist Too

Along with all these benefits it provides you with shortcuts to information in your emails. This information gives you a way to narrow down to the most important command, for more understanding look at the example below. 

You can easily reserve a table at a restaurant with the help of Inbox because it adds a map to show you where the restaurant is. Similarly, receiving flight details is also easy for Google Inbox users, as it provides all the data at the fingertips 

Availability of Google Inbox

Many probably want to make this a part of their devices without any waiting, but hold on. You’ll need to follow their policies to obtain this, and it is only accessible on an invitational basis. If you want to do this, you should email the Inbox team at for asking. 

 Not only this, but you have another option for getting this. For this, you’ve to ask those people who already have access to it to simply invite you, and by joining their invitation, you can quickly make it a part of your devices (Android, Chrome web browser on any computer).

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