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Many individuals want to know about the ways to apply for scholarships in Germany. There are so many ways to apply but here I’m telling you one of the best ways to apply for a scholarship. Today you’ll learn about uni-assist, which provides processing for international student applications.

If you are interested in studying in Germany, uni-assist would be best for you, as you can apply to any German university through uni-assist by following some methods. You have to just follow the steps, and increase your chances of getting free programs in Germany. There are so many important points when applying to a German university that Uni-Assist handles, so let’s check out this blog for comprehensive details about how to apply for scholarships in Germany through Uni-assist.

Scholarships in Germany

Many developed countries offer excellent scholarships for international students, and Germany is one of them. It has always been the goal of Germany to bring the young generation forward by giving them the best opportunity. Due to these attractive aspects, many individuals from different countries aspire to study in Germany and wish to secure a scholarship.

Living in Germany can cost up to 934 euros per month for a single person, but there are so many scholarships available that offer financial support too. However, to apply for financial support, you will need to fill out an application form, but some scholarships even cover your monthly expenses too. Now let’s explore scholarships and how uni-assist assists students in the scholarship.

How to apply for scholarships in Germany through uni-assist

Whenever you are going to fill out the application process for any university, there are often aspects that can be confusing or some details that you might not fully understand. However, utilizing Uni-assist can be advantageous as it simplifies the process of applying for scholarships in Germany. As we discussed earlier, Uni-assist provides assistance in processing applications for international students. 

So, first and foremost, let’s understand how Uni-assist guides us in this process.

What is Uni-assist

It’s important to have complete knowledge about uni-assist if you want to get a scholarship in Germany. Basically, uni assist is an organization that facilitates students in the application process for Studying in Germany. You can also call it a powerful source, as it serves as an intermediary between the universities and the international candidates.

It assesses the evaluation and processing of academic credentials and ensures whether the capabilities match German educational standards or not. You can find this very helpful as it navigates the complexities of admissions requirements, and document submission, also comprehensive all the application process, and eligibility to make it more accessible and efficient for all global students.

How to apply through uni-assist

After understanding about ui-assist, now it’s time to explore the methods for better understanding. So without any further ado, read the mentioned methods and apply for a Scholarship in Germany through Uni-Assist.

  1.       Get Information on the program you want to apply.
  2.       Then and then check the method on the Uni-Assist portal
  3.       After this, assemble your documents
  4.       Apply online (I’ve shared the whole method below)
  5.       Pay the fee (you can find the fee payment method too)

Fill out the Online application form

So, the first step of this process is to fill out the uni-assist online application as an applicant. Remember this thing, Whenever you create a new application, you will be prompted by Ani-Assist. From the INOBIS you can find the sample application form, for ease.

Print and submit the Form electronically

After completely filling out the application form, preview it, and print it. Remember, you must submit your application electronically, as the uni-assist won’t receive it without sending it electronically. You have to just check the box and then tap on “submit electronically” to send your application online.

Mail it to uni-assist after signing on it

So, the next process of this is to send the application after signing, as the universities usually ask for a paper application along with your personal signature. Then, you have just sent all the documents with the signed form. 

You’ll be surely attracted by the fact that here you can apply to multiple universities through the uni-assist at the same time, and you can only provide them a separate signed form for each university to which you want to apply.  Below is the address for mailing the form:

(name of the/a university)

c/o uni-assist e.V.

11507 berlin


Changes and corrections

You need to fill out the application form carefully as you should be aware that after submitting the application you can’t make changes to it. Instead, you will need to send them information if you want to make some changes you can send those changes information to uni-assist by sending their contactform.

Payment Methods

Now let’s move on to the last step, which is the payment method, and like the other steps, it’s also easy. For the payment method, you simply need to follow uni-assist payment methods. Uni-assist has made this method even easier for you.You can use your credit card to pay your fee, but you have other options too, including a UBL Wiz Internet card, which is easy to get from any UBL branch, and you don’t need to pay for this, as it’s free of cost.

 After loading the card with the required amount, you can submit your fee. There are no additional charges for this. Additionally, if you have SCB visa cards, you can also use them to pay your fee.

List Of Prominent Scholarships in Germany for International Students

After knowing the whole process of How to apply for scholarships in Germany through uni-assist, it is essential to have information about some of the best scholarships too.

DAAD University (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst)

So here is the first best university in Germany, which welcomes and encourages students from developed countries to move forward, and become a powerful generation by providing quality education. DAAD University offers a significant amount of funding for students, and those who meet all the criteria have a high chance of receiving a scholarship. DAAD offers scholarships globally to graduate and scientists students.

Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships in Germany

So let’s discuss another excellent scholarship opportunity in Germany. Here you can find up to 12,000 scholarship opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students globally. However, NON-EU students pursuing a Master’s degree can receive 850€ per month along with individual allowances (tuition fees might be covered). 

For EU students in the same master’s degree program, the scholarship provides 649€ per month, also 100 for books. For the PhD holders, it offers 1,350€ per month for EU students, along with a 100€ research costs allowance (excluding tuition fees).

DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme

If you are looking for a scholarship that offers financial support too, then you must apply for the DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship. It is one of Germany’s best scholarships, offering financial support to brilliant students from all over the world. It is irrespective of the student’s nationality, or personal or parental income.

However, this scholarship is between the private and public sectors, where businesses, foundations, and individual students receive 150€ per month, and the federal government contributes an additional 150€ to that amount. You have to fill in the specific area by each institution as universities are responsible for awarding this scholarship.

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships

Have your grades excellent and do you have an outstanding academic record?  If yes, then you are eligible to apply for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung offers scholarship, as they offer scholarships globally, for those who have completed their undergraduate studies in their countries. However, having an outstanding academic record is necessary, this scholarship supports postgraduate, doctoral, or research program candidates.

Priority is often given to PhD candidates from developing countries or nations undergoing political transformation. If you want to apply for a PHD, then it offers 1,100€ per month for three years, but if you want to apply for a Master’s and postgraduate program, you’ll receive 850€ monthly for two years.


The whole blog is about the process of how to apply for a scholarship in Germany through uni assist, and here I’ve also mentioned some best scholarship organizations and universities, who are providing the best opportunity to pursue a degree and along with this enjoy an authentic German experience while also you can read the financial support these are giving to ideal candidates.

I hope you find this blog beneficial, and by following these methods you will surely open the doors to knowledge In Germany for yourself with the help of uni-assist.

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