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Do blocked messages get delivered when unblocked? It is a question of many individuals, when we’ve thought to unblock someone. Sharing pictures, vedios, messages on different social media are the most common thing, which pleases the user, These activities keep everyone entertained during free time and prevent anyone from getting bored. 

There is only one available option to stay safe on these platforms, which allows us to quickly end an unwanted chat within seconds. However, some people sometimes contemplate unblocking someone, but at that moment, the thought that comes to their mind, if i unblock someone will their messages come through?

The whole blog is about will blocked messages come through when unblocked, keep reading.

If you unblock a number will the messages come through

In addition to use many invention, in this modern era, you have access to many features that help you avoid various troubles. For example, while we spend a lot of time on social media, sometimes it becomes very difficult to tolerate or handle unknown messages. At that time, that option works like a medicine, instantly relieving us of our troubles within seconds. 

Yes, the block option is one of the most liked tool, to avoid unwanted chats, Sometimes, people also use this option in their moments of anger. However, after some time, when they want to unblock them,, the thought that comes to their mind is, if i unblock someone on imessage what happens. So sent messages will not delivered to the android users. 

However, there are different types of features in every social media apps, that work differently. Let’s review the details of the block feature in each app and learn more about, if you unblock someone will you get their messages?

Mentioned below are the most used social media apps, lets read about the how block option work on them.


As we all know, every Android device has a text messaging option through which we communicate our messages to each other and use it as a means of conversation. But many wants to know if i unblock someone on imessage what happens , the simple answer is no. 

Whenever you remove someone from your block list, the messages they sent from before will not be delivered to you. However, if you ask that contact to send those messages again, they will reach you again.


Instagram is a very popular app these days, every other person must have this app, and people post their activities on this app. When it comes to privacy on Instagram, you can easily block anyone from the block option on this app just like you. 

however. After blocking you want to unblock someone but you have this confusion, that if i unblock someone will their messages come through, so don’t worry about it, as the messages comes, when you asked unblocked person resend those messages, 


WhatsApp is one of the most used app of this era, Whether your phone is small or big, this app is definitely available.  However, the privacy of this app is change, Yes, even if you are blocked or unblocked, your messages will still be delivered. 

However, the person who has blocked you will not receive your messages, as many wants to ask if you unblock a number will the messages come through, thus your message will not notify that person.


Will blocked messages come through when unblocked, the users of social media has this question, however, the snapchat user hasn’t worried about this, Snapchat has implemented settings that prioritize the privacy of both users, allowing messages to be delivered by the sender, but those messages will not reach the recipients.

Do we get the messages from the Unblocked Contact 

In our daily lives, mobile phones have become a modern device that is difficult to live without. They provide us with numerous conveniences and make managing our time easier. Similarly, blocking and unblocking is a common practice for various reasons, and before unblocking, everyone wonders whether the blocked messages will be delivered to them or not.

If you are an android user and want to get those messages, then follow mentioned below steps, and get those messages easily.

Step 1

First you’ve to go through the messages app.

Step 2

You can find the option, or 3 dot icon on the top of the search bar.

Step 3

For opening that option, click on the three-dot icon, from the search bar, which is located on top of the screen

Step 4

Now go to the Spam and blocked option, it is shows after tapping on the icon.

Step 5

Here you can find a folder named new folder, in this folder you will find all the messages of spam and blocked category.

Step 6

Go to that blocked conversation, which text messages you want to see, or want to get the data of that chat.

Step 7

In this folder you can check all the blocked conversation, and also get unblocked those contact which are mistakenly blocked by you, or someone else blocked them by mistake. It is easy to unblock them, by tapping on the tree-dot icon, and click on not spam option.

These were the few app’s easy setting of getting the spam, and blocked messages.

What is the Best Possible Way To Know About If Someone  Unblocked Me On iMessages

If I unblock someone on imessage what happens, is this question revolve on your mind, when you’ve been blocked by someone, and want to to know the possible way to know about if someone unblocked you on iMessages, it isn’t a big deal to know, because after getting unblocked, you can easily communicate that contact, who has removed you from the block list. 

For your ease I’ve mentioned some points that are surely please you, as the mentioned information is about Possible Way To Know About If Someone  Unblocked Me On iMessages.

  • Your message has been delivered to that contact easily, when that contact have removed you from block list.
  • After sending the messages you’ll see the message bubble turned into blue color.
  • He’ll notify when you’ve call that contact or send any message, as the bell ring, and her phone rings bell.


In simple words I covered do blocked messages get delivered when unblocked, and the other information regarding this concern, hope you’ll find it beneficial. You can’t contact anyone who has blocked you, until the contact remove your number from the block list.

However, different devices has the diverse ways of managing these kind of problems, thus the blog tells the easiest methods of if you unblock a number will the messages come through, You have provided with detail information to resolve this confusion, and now it’s up to you how you want to approach it. These were the few best possible things that I’ve mentioned in this article for your ease.

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