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Have you made any attempts to tone your hair? Do you remember to wash your hair before toning? Either everything went completely wrong, or you may have been fortunate and everything went without a hitch. But things didn’t go as planned for the majority of us.

 The issue, though, is that you’re not sure how to use the toner correctly. Some of your friends have advised using it on wet hair, whereas others prefer using it on dry hair.

So, Can you put toner on wet hair or dry hair? Although it’s an often-overlooked detail how you apply toner can make or break the outcome of your blonde hair.

What Does Hair Toner Do?

The secret to keeping your hair the same color it was when you initially had it coloured is hair toner. For people with blonde hair dye, it keeps it from fading and hair from turning brassy or yellow. 

Hair toner is a form of temporary hair dye. Although, toner alters the tone of your hair rather than the shade. Your hair either has a warm, cool, or neutral tone. Warm tones can be neutralized with a cool toner. 

Warm tones can be neutralized by a cool toner. For instance, brown hair retains its natural color rather than developing an orange tinge as is common after bleaching.  

Can you apply toner on dry or damp hair?

The quick response is that toner should be used to damp hair rather than dry or wet hair. It is advisable to apply a toner to wet hair. Because doing so increases the likelihood that it will be absorbed without harming your hair. 

Your hair should be about 70% dry, meaning that it is neither entirely dry to the touch nor soaking wet. Grabbing a section of your hair firmly will help you determine if you are ready to depart.

You’ll need to add more water if your hand returns entirely dry. And you’ll need to wait a little longer if you finish up with a drop of water on the floor after grabbing your hair.

How does toning wet hair affect it?

It may be more challenging to apply, to start even using too much in the end. It’s difficult to manage how much toner you apply to damp hair, which is a concern. Applying too much or not enough is simple to do.

Wet hair also has the potential to discolor your dress. In order to hasten the drying process, apply the toner to damp hair only after taking a shower. In order to prevent the toner from getting on your hair, also apply it to your towel.

Do you shampoo before toner?

If you use shampoo before toner then this may be the result;

  • The developer may irritate and even damage your scalp if you apply toner to just-shampooed hair. As a result, if you apply a toner, its developer may irritate you. 
  • It will also eliminate that layer of oil, exposing the surface of your scalp. 
  • Additionally, the moisturizing components in the conditioner may prevent the toner color from settling properly.

Therefore, it’s crucial to avoid shampooing and conditioning before toning. It will be better protected if you preserve your hair’s natural oils. Use a pH-balanced shampoo alternative if you must wash your hair before applying toner. Because it is not excessively acidic or alkaline. 

Can you put toner on wet hair after bleaching?

The final step to attaining the most desired color for your hair is to tone it once. You’ve rinsed the bleach out of your hair. You’re not sure if you should use it now or wait for your hair to dry because it’s still damp.

So, following a bleaching session, should you apply a toner to dry or wet hair? Applying toner to damp hair is advised for the greatest effects, ideally when it is 70% dry.

Points to remember when applying toner

  • You won’t achieve the best results from toner if you apply it to dripping wet hair. because the formula will be diluted.
  • It is preferable to apply toner on damp or slightly wet hair unless you are using a toning shampoo. In this case, you use it on wet hair to activate the product. 
  • However, before applying a toner that calls for a developer. Be sure to towel dry or let your hair air dry a little bit.

I hope now you have gotten the answer: can you put toner on wet hair? So read these important points before toning your hair.

How long do you leave toner in your hair?

The kind of product you’re using will determine how long you should let them sit in your hair. Depending on the results you want, you can leave it for up to 45 minutes. Check it frequently during the development process to ensure that your hair doesn’t turn too dark!

You may need to leave the toner on longer for more resistant hair types. Such as thick, or extremely porous hair. However, keep in mind that leaving toner on for too long can result in your color becoming too dark. As well as your hair becoming dry and brittle.

How long does hair toner stay effective?

You can help the effects of your hair toner linger as long as possible with a few different methods. Here are some of the top recommendations for extending the life of your toner:

  • Because clean hair absorbs toner better than dirty hair, make sure your hair is clean before applying toner.
  • Rinse with cold, not hot, water after using a toner.
  • For three days following toner application, refrain from shampooing your hair.
  • To reduce the number of times a professional toner is applied, think about utilizing a toner shampoo.

NEVER leave it on longer than the recommended time, even if the directions say too! The consequence will be overtone hair. If you use too much toner, it might be difficult to get it out of your hair.

Can you put t18 toner on wet? 

The Color Charm Permanent Liquid Toner range from Wella is a well-liked hair care product. To ensure an even application, their instructions advise towel-drying your hair before using their toner. However, you are curious about whether T18 toner can be applied to wet hair.

It is possible, but the results won’t be as appealing as when applied to damp hair. As was said above, applying toner to damp hair may weaken the formula’s potency. And leave your hair less toned than it should be.

As a result, you’ll have to go to more toning sessions, which will harm your hair over time. 

Can you apply Wella t18 toner on dry hair?

Applying dry hair will produce a more severe result if your hair is porous. If you choose T18 (White Lady), therefore you need to tone your hair. If you want an extremely ashy appearance, try combining it with 10 and applying it to dry hair.

I hope now you have clearance whether you can apply wella toner on wet or dry hair. There are lots of womens  worried about their broad shoulders so they can not decide on dresses for broad shoulders.  

Cons of using wella t18 toner on dry hair

A big no-no is for toner use on dry hair. The toner won’t be able to penetrate your hair strands because your hair cuticles are closed. Because it’s simpler to wash out, the toner won’t last as long.

Additionally, spreading it on hair that is dry is harder than spreading it on damp hair. So the results could be splotchy. If the hair is very porous. The toner will be absorbed more quickly by the damaged sections than by the healthier ones. And giving your complexion an inconsistent tone.

To avoid this, wet your hair to balance its porosity and ensure equal absorption of the toner.

How should toner be applied to hair?

Now that you know why you shouldn’t tone your hair when it’s dry or wet. You can see why using this product on damp hair is the ideal option. However, there are a few additional steps you should take to guarantee the success of your toning session.

  • A light enough shade of hair is required for the toner you select. For instance, if you wish to use a toner made for blonde hair. You need to brighten your hair to at least a level 8 or 9.
  • Beginning with 70% moist hair. Dry your hair gently with a towel after you’ve just rinsed or washed it to get rid of the extra moisture.
  • Follow the directions while blending your toner.
  • Prepare your toner. You could choose to combine the toning solution in a 1:2 ratio with a 20-volume developer to create a lasting result. Use the same ratio to combine the toner solution and a 10-volume developer for a semi-permanent result.
  • Section off your moist hair into four or more parts. Your hair will become more manageable as a result.
  • Apply the toner first, making sure to spread it out evenly by using a tinting brush.
  • 45 minutes should be given for the product to sit. You must notice that the color is shifting to match your preferences.
  • After the allotted time has passed, rinse the toner with barely warm to cool water to maintain the color outcome. Since the toner’s chemicals are not intended to be left on the hair, thoroughly rinse it out.
  • After using a toner, condition your hair to help restore some of the damage the toner’s chemicals may have caused.
  • After 24 hours, give the toner a while to set before shampooing your hair with a mild shampoo.  
  • After shampooing your hair, deep condition it.


In summary, after reading the post you should be able to perform tasks correctly now. That you are aware of; can you put toner on wet hair? Always keep the hair mostly dry when applying toner to a customer for the first time. 

This will allow you to correctly identify the underlying pigment and help you determine the appropriate toner’s color. However, if you’re working with an ordinary client, you are free to go ahead and tone wet hair. Just be careful to assess the toner carefully and avoid affecting the color. 

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