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Everyone likes to have different hairstyles because hairstyles make their personality more beautiful. However, perm gives a more decent look to you if you like curly hair and give this look to your hairstyle. Many people want to perm, but it is frequently asked that can I perm my hair after dying it? Because hair dying is common nowadays.

So in this blog, you’ll learn all the important stuff regarding when to dye hair after a perm. Along with this, I’ll also mention how you can perm your hair after dying your hair. Keep Reading!

What is Perm

Can you get a perm with dyed hair? It is a technique. Before moving forward, we will explore perm and how it works on your hair. Perm is a chemical treatment divided into two parts curling your hair. However, this process takes a few hours, as the hair stylist applies two basic methods; first, they wrap the hair with the roller machine, and after this, they apply treatment to complete the perm, as this should shape your hair. These two methods give your hair a completely curly look. 

Can you Perm Your Hair After Dying it

Can I perm my hair after dying it? The question that answer is surely no, Because both the same things do, at the same time, give you messy hair. These two services are different. 

Hair dying contains a long method, or you can also consider it a hair treatment, which has many chemical steps, and take several hours to be done. Perm has the change chemical process to curl the hair. This process also takes many hours to be done, So you can’t perm your hair after getting the color, it will lighten your chosen color, and you surely don’t want it to turn out the way you wanted. 

What’s the Best Time to Perm After You Dye Hair

We love to change our hairstyle with time, which adds novelty to our style. Who doesn’t like good Changes? As we all know, Embellishing is an amusement for women, and She does not miss the opportunity to make herself more beautiful. 

Thus, perming and dying are two different things, and applying these things simultaneously will surely make a mess with your hair. So it is good not to do both things at the same time, although you can perm your hair after dying hair a week, or you can dye permed hair after 15 days, this will prevent your hair from losing its soft texture and also you don’t want frizz on your hair.

Hair Dying

Hair dying is the most common thing, and women all love this type of treatment, as they’ve selected the color of their hair with their choice. Many women want to get the color twice a month. Therefore, they can’t wait to do another hair styling, such as a perm.

Perm – Hair style

A classy hairstyle attracts everyone, but curly hair attracts more attention. Women love to perm their hair, as this will be a trend to make a new style of hair. However, both treatments required a bunch of hours. These two also contain chemical products important in perming and dying. On the other hand if you dress well you can attract thousands of hearts yourself.

At the Same Time??

You can’t do those things simultaneously because it makes a little mess with your hair. After all, the perm hair after dying can change or lighten the color you’ve chosen, So it is good not to be doing both things simultaneously. However, you can perm your hair after dying hair a week, or you can dye permed hair after 15 days; this will prevent your hair from losing its soft texture, and you can’t face any frizz on your hair.

Applying Semi-Permanent Color is Good after getting Perm Treatment

Many people want to know if applying a semi-permanent color will create any mess or if it will be okay to go through this. Wet hair does not dry immediately after the perm because the color does not fully affect your hair; the color must be fully absorbed in the hair, but after perming your hair, But after perming, your hair is not conditioned enough to absorb the color fully, because perming has its process.

Therefore, it is mandatory to give a gap of 15 days between these two processes; it will help you to avoid any mess. 

Best Practices for Perming Dyed Hair

We will learn the best practice for perming dyed hair, which will benefit you because everyone wants to know the best ways to enhance beauty. Also beauty depends on your dressing styles aswell. 

How much Time Required After Dyeing

As mentioned above, the best practice is to wait for at least fourteen days, as perming and dying are different methods and contain the chemical process. But if you want to get the best result, then the gap between perming and dying is 20 to 25 days, although 15 days are also enough for getting the perm your hair after dying it.

Check a small section of hair

Can you get a perm with dyed hair? For this, you must do a little test before you dye your hair; you won’t let your dyeing process go to waste. Now you surely think about the test; this is a simple hair-checking test that will tell you about having your hair dyed or waiting a little longer. 

You can easily test by selecting a small portion of hair and checking the result. If it is lighter than the color you selected, wait a few more days, or if you get the best result, apply the color to your hair. 

Use Conditioner For Getting The Best Result

If you need to dye your hair more, apply the best conditioner to your hair on your dyed hair, it will not make any difference. 

Use Color Instead Of Dying

Here is another best option for you if you want to dye permed hair to give a fancy look into your hair. Instead of dying your hair, you can also color your hair to enhance your hairstyle. 

Pros Of Dying Hair

Pros Cons
Perm hair after dying covering gray color. Required many hours for this purpose.
Good for those, who want to matching the eyebrow color with perm hair Required many effort for doing the same result.
Gives hair the desired color Hair becomes thinner, by getting this type dying. 
You can select even the skin tone color
Boost confidence, as you’ve got the the self expression by dying diverse colors on hair.
Different look, change your hair style, as well as personality. 

Best Dyeing Option for Permed Hair 

Can I color my hair and then perm it? Every woman wants to know this because Women tend to go for these colors, which are trending nowadays. After all, following the trend is one of the most liked activities by women. So it is also commonly asked what color is best for permed hair; because you can’t look good in every color with a perm, choosing the color after the perm is a very thoughtful process.

Choosing the semi-permanent hair dye is the best option for everyone because you dye permed hair, because it won’t wreck your hair. Moreover, always choose colors that suit your permy hair because Perm hair makes your style beautiful, but hair dye enhances its beauty.


There are many best possible ways to perm your hair after dying it. However the best way is to wait up to 15 days, as it will is for your benifitsm. The whole blog is about can I perm hair after dying it, question regards, and I mentioned all the important and useful things. 

However, your hair stylist also suggests some other ways to perm your hair after dying it, as they know better about your hair. 

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